Blue Lake (Score & parts)
  • Blue Lake (Score & parts)

Blue Lake (Score & parts)

John Barnes Chance

Overture for Concert Band

(Revised Edition)

score and parts - piccolo, 4 x flute I, 4 x flute II, oboe I, oboe II, clarinet in Eb, 4 x clarinet in Bb I, 4 x clarinet in Bb II, 4 x clarinet in Bb III, alto clarinet in Eb, 2 x bass clarinet in Bb, contrabass clarinet in Bb, 2 x bassoon, 2 x alto saxophone in Eb I, 2 x alto saxophone in Eb II, 2 x tenor saxophone in Bb, 2 x baritone saxophone in Eb, 3 x trumpet in Bb I, 3 x trumpet in Bb II, 3 x trumpet in Bb III, 2 x horn in F I, 2 x horn in F II, 2 x trombone I, 2 x trombone II, 2 x trombone III, 2 x euphonium (bass clef), 2 x euphonium (treble clef), 4 x tuba, double bass, 2 x percussion I, 2 x percussion II, 2 x percussion III, timpani - wind band

Commissioned by the Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp in Michigan and premiered in 1971, this dynamic composition by John Barnes Chance has a unique history. The outer sections of the work feature a rhythmic intensity created in part by Chance's free use of eight-note groupings of 2 and 3. However, when first published, the meter was changed to 4/4 resulting in awkward notation of these figures. Through painstaking research by Carl Bjerregaard, Donald Flickinger, and Myron Welch (all connected with Blue Lake) this revised edition restores the asymmetric meters as the composer originally intended.

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