French Songs and Choruses
  • French Songs and Choruses

French Songs and Choruses


This collection of French Songs & Choruses includes a wealth of original choral music by French composers, as well as many wonderful arrangements of some of the greatest French songs ever composed. Suitable for Mixed-Voice Choirs of all sizes and abilities, this is the perfect collection for finding new performance pieces, but would work equally well as a complete concert programme. The selections in this songbook are second-to-none, with some of the most beautiful and affecting French choral music compiled into one volume. Many original works are included here, with these choral compositions by giants of French classical music often being regarded as some of their finest work. Pieces like Madrigal by Gabriel Fauré, a new edition of Maurice Ravel's incredible Trois Chansons, Camille Saint-Saëns's Calme Des Nuits and Trinquons as well as Reynaldo Hahn's three Rondels, originally written for SATB choir.

French Songs And Choruses also features a great many arrangements of works that have been enjoyed by choirs and singers for many years. The harmonies of songs like Chanson D'Amour by Gabriel Fauré convey just how stunning a song this is to hear as well as to sing, while others like Debussy's Beau Soir offer a similarly beautiful take on a different theme. With all of these songs, the joy will be in careful selection, fantastic practice and the thrill of performance for you and your audience. Such a grand selection of Songs And Choruses For Mixed-Voice Choirs is sure to enhance or invigorate your choir's repertoire, giving you an enjoyable introduction to the finest choral music that France has to offer.

The delightful arrangements of the carefully-selected French Songs And Choruses included in this collection will make a perfectly French-flavoured addition to your general repertoire, or simply a complete concert in itself. The clear and accurate engravings make this book a pleasure to dip in and out of in your search for the perfect song, and with so many great compositions included, we're sure you'll find it! Please note that most of the lyrics are in French, but translations are included that also serve the purpose of enhancing your understanding of such poetic music.

  • A Chloris [Hahn, Reynaldo]
  • Bailèro [Canteloube, Joseph]
  • Beau Soir [Debussy, Claude]
  • Calme Des Nuits [Saint-Saens, Camille]
  • Chanson D'amour [Fauré, Gabriel]
  • Chanson Française [Ravel, Maurice]
  • Choral Inappétissant [Satie, Erik]
  • Deux Prieres: Beata Viscera Mariae [Milhaud, Darius]
  • Gardez Le Trait De La Fenestre [Hahn, Reynaldo]
  • La Nuit [Hahn, Reynaldo]
  • Le Ballet Des Ombres [Berlioz, Hector]
  • Madrigal [Fauré, Gabriel]
  • Nos Souvenirs Qui Chantent [Poulenc, Francis]
  • Nuit D'Étoiles [Debussy, Claude]
  • O Magnum Mysterium [Milhaud, Darius]
  • Ronde [Ravel, Maurice]
  • Trinquons [Saint-Saens, Camille]
  • Trois Beaux Oiseaux Du Paradis [Ravel, Maurice]
  • Trois Chansons: Nicolette [Ravel, Maurice]
  • Trois Rondels [Hahn, Reynaldo]
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