The Oxford Book of Flexible Choral Songs
  • The Oxford Book of Flexible Choral Songs

The Oxford Book of Flexible Choral Songs

Alan Bullard
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  • A Bell-Chime, Alan Bullard
  • A flower remembered, John Rutter
  • A Swan (En svane), Edvard Grieg
  • All will be well, Will Todd
  • As She Goes, Stephen Hatfield
  • Calm and deep peace / Simple Gifts, Alan Bullard
  • Canzonet, Thomas Morley, adap. Alan Bullard
  • Celebrate!, Alan Bullard
  • Cherry ripe, Charles Edward Horn, arr. Alan Bullard
  • Catch a Falling Star, Bob Chilcott
  • Chimes, Oliver Tarney
  • Dwell on the beauty, Ian Assersohn
  • Eletelephony, Ben Parry
  • Fall, leaves, fall, Toby Young
  • Flow my tears, John Dowland, adap. Alan Bullard
  • Four Bird Songs, Alan Bullard
  • Greensleeves, Trad. English folk song, arr. Ralph Vaughan Williams
  • If I can stop one heart from breaking, Libby Larsen
  • It was a lover and his lass, Thomas Morley, arr. Alan Bullard
  • La, la, la, Pierre Certon
  • Juanita (A Spanish Ballad), Trad. Spanish, arr. Alan Bullard
  • My Boy Jack, Alison Willis
  • My heart is like a singing bird, Michael Higgins
  • O er the Waves Let Us Go, Trad. Hebridean, arr. Alan Bullard
  • Pase el agoa (Cross the water), Anon. 16th century, arr. Alan Bullard
  • Scarborough Fair, Trad. English folk song, arr. Michael Higgins
  • Spring (Sound the Flute), Edmund Jolliffe
  • Stars of the summer night, Andy Brooke
  • Sumer is icumen in, Anon. 13th century, arr. Alan Bullard
  • The Darkened Valley (Abendlich schon rauscht der Wald), Fanny Hensel
  • The Gartan Mother s Lullaby, Trad. Irish, arr. Alan Bullard
  • The Honeysuckle and the Bee, William H. Penn, arr. Alan Bullard
  • The Tiger, Alan Bullard
  • The Water Mill, Ralph Vaughan Williams, adap. Alan Bullard
  • The Truth is Great, Bob Chilcott
  • The Way of Peace (Kayra Sillo), Trad. West African (Mandingo wedding processional), transcribed and arr. Fred Onovwerosuoke
  • There alway something sings, Sarah Quartel
  • Three Shakespeare Songs, Alan Bullard
  • To Music (An die Musik), Franz Schubert, adap. Alan Bullard
  • Tom s gone to Hilo, Trad. British sea shanty, arr. Alan Bullard
  • Tread Softly, Alan Bullard
  • Two Songs of Quisqueya, Trad. Dominican Republic, arr. Juan Tony Guzmán
  • Under the greenwood tree, William Walton, adap. Alan Bullard
  • What is the song the stars sing?, Malcolm Archer
  • Where did you get that hat?, James Rolmaz
  • Why does he gallop?, Charles Villiers Stanford, adap. Alan Bullard
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