Solo Songs - Vol.3
  • Solo Songs - Vol.3

Solo Songs - Vol.3

Zang en piano
Henry Purcell
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These four volumes contain all of Purcell's secular solo songs not associated with stage productions. Taken from the authoritative Purcell Society Editions, the songs appear in their original keys, and are most suitable for high voice. Introduction in English, French, German and Italian.


  • Ah! Cruel Nymph
  • Ah! How Pleasant
  • Bacchus Is A Pow'r Divine
  • Bell Barr See I Love And I Must
  • Corinna Is Divinely Fair
  • Fly Swift, Ye Hours
  • Hight On A Throne
  • I Lov'd Fair Celia
  • I Love And I Must
  • If Music Be The Food Of Love
  • Let Formal Lovers
  • Love's Pow'r In My Heart
  • Not All My Torments
  • Ode On The Queen
  • On The Brow Of Richmond Hill
  • Phillis, I Can Ne'er Forgive It
  • See How The Fading Glories
  • Spite Of The Godhead
  • Sylvia Now Your Scorn Give Over
  • This Poet Sings
  • Young Thirsis' Fate
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