Solo Songs - Vol.2
  • Solo Songs - Vol.2

Solo Songs - Vol.2

Zang en basso continuo
Henry Purcell
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These four volumes contain all of Purcell's secular solo songs not associated with stage productions. Taken from the authoritative Purcell Society Editions, the songs appear in their original keys, and are most suitable for high voice.


  • A Pastoral Coronation Song
  • A Pastoral Elegy On The Death Of Mr John Playford
  • Beware, Poor Shepherds
  • Cease Anxious World
  • Cupid, The Slyest Rogue Alive
  • Farewell, All Joys
  • Farewell, Ye Rocks
  • Gentle Shepherd's
  • How Delightful The Life
  • I Came, I Saw
  • If Grief Has Any Pow'r
  • If Pray's And Tears
  • In Vain We Dissemble
  • Love Is Now Becomes A Trade
  • Musing On Cares
  • My Heart, Whenever You Appear
  • O Solitude
  • Phillis Talk No More
  • Sighs For Our Late Sovereign King Charles The Second
  • Solitude
  • Sylvia, Tis True You're Fair
  • The Caution
  • The Rich Rival
  • The Storm
  • The Thraldon
  • They Say You're Angry
  • When First My Shepherdess And I
  • While Thirsis Wrapp'd
  • Whilst Cynthia Sang
  • Ye Happy Swains
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