Solo Songs - Vol.1
  • Solo Songs - Vol.1

Solo Songs - Vol.1

Zang en piano
Henry Purcell
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These four volumes contain all of Purcell's secular solo songs not associated with stage productions. Taken from the authoritative Purcell Society Editions, the songs appear in their original keys, and are most suitable for high voice.

Content :

  • Amidst The Shades
  • Amintas To My Grief I See
  • Amintor Heedless Of His Flocks
  • Beneath A Dark And Melancholy Grove
  • Bess Of Bedlam
  • Draw Near, You Lovers
  • From Silent Shades
  • He Himself Courts
  • How I Sigh
  • I Resolve Against Cringing
  • I Take No Pleasure
  • In Cloris All Soft Charms Agree
  • Let Each Gallant Heart
  • Let Us Kind Lesbia
  • No To What Purpose
  • On The Death Of His Worthy Friend Mr Matthew Locke
  • Pastora's Beauties When Unblown
  • Rashly I Swore
  • Sappho's Complaint
  • Scarce Had The Rising Sun
  • She Loves And She Confesses Too
  • She Who My Poor Heart Possesses
  • Since One Poor View
  • Since The Pox
  • The Concealment
  • Through Mournful Shades
  • Urge Me No More
  • What Hope For Us Remains
  • When Her Languishing Eyes
  • When Strephon Found
  • Who But A Slave
  • You've Got To Hide Your Love Away [Beatles, The]
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