Fantasia in G minor

Johann Ludwig Krebs
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The German organist and composer Johann Ludwig Krebs, 1713-1780, received his early musical instruction from his father. During his teenage years he enrolled at St. Thomas's School in-Leipzig, where he had been accepted as one of Johann Sebastian Bach's pupils. He frequently played harpsichord at the weekly practices of Bach's Collegium Musicum, and was generally acknowledged to be one of his best pupils. During his lifetime he served as organist or court musician in the German towns of Zwichau, Zeitz and Altenburg.

This edition is prepared from an autograph in the possession of the Hessische Landes und Hochschulbibliothek, Darmstadt, Germany. All editorial suggestions are shown in the normal manner, slashed slurs and square brackets.

If a performance using harpsichord or piano is preferred a continuo instrument (bassoon or violoncello) may replace the pedal line leaving the upper two parts to the keyboard player.

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