Bilderklavier - Vol.4 (Musikalische Weltreise)
  • Bilderklavier - Vol.4 (Musikalische Weltreise)

Bilderklavier - Vol.4 (Musikalische Weltreise)

Monika Twelsiek
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In her new volume of the Bilderklavier series, Monika Twelsiek takes young pianists on a trip around the world. Starting from Germany, she goes to Austria and Italy. Africa is reached by ship before - back on the European continent - she sets out from Spain to the far north, via Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary, to Russia and finally to China, America and even the South Sea Islands. This volume with 34 easy piano pieces is livened up by illustrations - and particularly suitable for imaginative piano lessons for children.


  • I. Szelényi: Faraway Regions
  • G.F. Humbert: The Black Forest Doll
  • The Cuckoo Clock
  • J.H. Schein: Allemande
  • L.v. Beethoven: German Dance
  • L. Mozart: Swabian Dance
  •  C. Czerny: Austrian Theme and Austrian Waltz
  • G.F. Humbert: Tarantella
  • P. Tschaikowsky: Italian Song
  • R. Mohrs: Here Comes the Caravan
  • J. Ferrer: Spanish Serenade
  • J. Takács: Fandango
  • M. Schoenmehl: The Spanish Guitar Player
  • J.F. Dandrieu: Gavotte en Rondeau
  • P. Tschaikowsky: Old French Song
  • J. Takács: Kareltje
  • J. Clarke: The Prince of Denmark's March
  • C. Scott: The Little Highland Piper
  • J.W. Hässler: Ecossaise, Scottish Dance
  • E. Grieg: Norwegian Dance
  • F. Chopin: Polish Song
  • M. Szymanowska: Mazurka
  • A. Dvorak: Sousedská, Bohemian Dance
  • B. Bartók: Peasant's Dance
  • Swineherd's Dance
  • P. Tschaikowsky: Russian Song
  • M. Glinka: Russian Polka
  • G.F. Humbert: The Nodding Mandarin
  • M. Mekiffer: Chinese Wedding
  • J. Takácz: Dance of the Medicine Man
  • S. Stojantschew: Native American Song
  • F. Emonts: Blues
  • M. Schoenmehl: Big Band Tune
  • C. Norton: Inter-city Stomp
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