Book 3: Play (English edition)
  • Book 3: Play (English edition)

Book 3: Play (English edition)

Jef Neve
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Sheet music

This book is for more expert level pianists. If you can play the last score of my book Two, I am convinced that you can start here. I needed to study these scores as well and to stay focused when playing them. Can I give you some advice? If you struggle with a hard part, repeat it, over and over again. You can’t expect to improve your piano level by playing only the easy parts of a song. Make sure you study efficiently. The book includes a lot of compositions. We recorded every song in the studio so you can hear me play, the way I like it to be played. However, as a pianist, I believe it is essential to give it your touch, so I am looking forward to hearing your version too. On top of that, there is a tutorial video of every single song, where I talk you through the hardest parts and share some tips and tricks with you.

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