Elijah, MWV.A 25, Op.70 (Vocal score)
  • Elijah, MWV.A 25, Op.70 (Vocal score)

Elijah, MWV.A 25, Op.70 (Vocal score)

Gemengd koor, solisten en orkest
Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy
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Piano-vocal score by he composer as central source

Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy fundamentally revised his "Elijah" after its successful world premiere in Birmingham in summer 1846. However, the individual layers of this revision are less visible in the autograph score than in the piano-vocal score that was made parallel to it and which the composer kept working on for its simultaneous publication in England and Germany. The bilingual piano-vocal score contains the first-ever correct underlay of the English vocal text which William Bartholomew worked out in close collaboration with Mendelssohn.

The publication of the volume within the Complete Edition could be seen as a practical contribution to the Mendelssohn Year, for Kurt Masur used the new, source-critically authenticated music text at his Paris concerts in January 2009.

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