Berg- und Talbahn
  • Berg- und Talbahn

Berg- und Talbahn

Hermann Regner
Piano (zeshandig)
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While there is a large range of literature for piano duet, piano pieces for six hands (three players at one piano) are still thin on the ground. This is quite regrettable since three players making music together means a lot more fun and an additional educational teaching method in group lessons. Hermann Regner, a pupil of Carl Orff, focusses particularly on the field of easily playable music for teaching purposes. By using simple new-music techniques, he wants to carefully introduce modern sounds to the players. Having programmatic titles such as 'Dichter Nebel' [Dense Fog], 'Auf hoher See' [On the High Seas], 'Unser Specht wird müde' [Our Woodpecker Becomes Tired], and 'Berg- und Talbahn' [Switchback Railway], his 12 easy pieces stimulate the imagination of both the player and the listener.

Suited for piano students from year 1, adults, and the German competition 'Jugend musiziert'. Please hold • or: Was that the wrong note? • Arm in arm • so many F • Thick fog • On the high seas • Walking bass • The little machine keeps going wrong • Bravo! • Island-hopping • Our woodpecker is getting tired! • Roller Coaster ride • Tango para seis

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