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Favourite Studies

Viool en piano
Antoni Cofalik
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The collection, Favourite studies is intended for music primary schools (some etudes can be used in secondary school). My objective was to collect into one book the most valuable etudes of various authors, representing recognised violin schools French, German, Russian, Italian and Czech. The etudes have been ordered according to degree of difficulty. At the beginning, there are simple pieces, in first position, with different types of problems and difficulties that grow more or less in line with the instrumental pupil. It is vital to respect the suggested tempi although this should be understood that not at the very beginning of working on a given etude. Single problem etudes constitute a large group, directed to the left or right hand and often at both working together. Exam etudes are also included in the collection, providing further musical demands. The list of double-stopping etudes is rich. The lack of such to date has been painfully felt by teachers. Concerning the selection of individual etudes, apart from technical qualities, aesthetic-psychological qualities have been considered: I have tried to choose melodic pieces or the collection, as when they are attractive to the ear they are eagerly played by pupils. Atonal etudes form a special group. The intention here is to bring those in our care closer to the problems of contemporary music and prepare them to perform it.
I hope that this training material that I have proposed, combined with the new way of looking at methods for this will make the learners work easier and that young violinists will get great use from it.

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