The Drummer's Bible (2nd Edition)
  • The Drummer's Bible (2nd Edition)

The Drummer's Bible (2nd Edition)

Jason Gianni
Mick Berry
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How to Play Every Drum Style from Afro-Cuban to Zydeco

The Drummers Bible is the most thorough compilation of drumming styles ever assembled in a single volume. It provides over 350 drumming grooves in over 70 styles, plus dozens of fills. The accompanying CDs provide nearly 200 grooves, focusing on the most important examples and variations from every style. If you need to know how to play almost any style NOW, this is your book. And if you want to develop your knowledge of drumming styles - and your ability to play them!--this is also your book. No other drum book offers a wider variety of drumming styles in such a simple, clear format. The Drummer's Bible will be a vital tool for every working and aspiring drummer for decades to come.

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