Metaphors for the musician
  • Metaphors for the musician

Metaphors for the musician

Randy Halberstadt
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"I recommend this book to anyone who is serious about music." - JESSICA WILLIAMS
"Chock full of great gems that both students and professional players could really benefit from." - JERRY BERGONZI

This practical and enlightening book will help any jazz player or vocalist look at music with "new eyes" - "A hands-on theory and improvising book with a human touch."

"Metaphors For The Musician" gives insights into almost every aspect of jazz musicianship, including scale/chord theory, practice strategies, composing techniques, performance psychology and how to create the states of mind that produce the best improvisations.

Serious jazz pianists will find valuable information about chord voicings and comping, while novices will benefit from fresh approaches to scales and inversions.

Designed for any level of player, on any instrument, "Metaphors For The Musician" provides numerous exercises throughout to help the reader turn these concepts into musical reality.

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