Sonate no.2
  • Sonate no.2

Sonate no.2

Klarinet en piano
Edoardo Torbianelli
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My deliberate and extensive studies of the musical repertoire of the first half of the 19th century over many years has enabled me to become familiar with the structures and writing techniques of that period, which, in turn, has influenced and stimulated my own creativity.

I dedicated this Sonata no. 2 to the clarinetist Pierre-André Taillard, my colleague at the Schola Cantorum Basiliensis in Basle (Switzerland), who graciously volunteered to check the clarinet part.

The style of the piece corresponds to the music which was in fashion in Vienna around 1805 and performers should take this in consideration.

I recommend the pianists to use the pedal with great discretion and to rather choose a harmonious playing resulting from a digital legato and legatissimo in order to obtain an optimal clear voice lead.

The spirit of the first movement is tender with energetic bursts of joy alternating with more passionate, introspective moments; the second movement is calm, almost religious, sometimes doloroso and agitato in the middle part. The final movement is light and humorous, but with a little theatricality, and always with soberness and simplicity.

Edoardo Torbianelli, August 2012, Binningen (Switzerland)

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